Monday, June 5, 2017

*Good Makeup

Image result for makeupEven though there has been criticism and negative talk about makeup, there are more aspects to it than just hiding and looking caked. Makeup can effect you in a positive way where you will feel confident, pretty and overall happy that you accomplished something that morning that turned out to be a masterpiece (Even though everyone is a masterpiece naturally). It can give you a total ego boost when you are feeling down. You may wake up groggy with no energy for the day, but after that light contour, you feel as if you could rule the day. You may also love that perfect wing that you somehow did half asleep, which transforms your eyes into the ones of a Greek goddess. Studies show that about 90% of women in America alone wear cosmetics. Yes, this may be because the world around us is full of images that make girls believe that's how a face is supposed to look, but we as females also love the artistic pleasure of transforming- even in the slightest of ways. Makeup will make one feel better about themselves when done right and can have a positive effect on the entire day. Even though everyone is beautiful without it, it's better to have happy, cosmetic-full people than depressed natural beauties.

Some make-up out there is actually healthy for you. They can include acne medication while covering up the existing spots, some may come with built in sunscreen to protect the most sensitive skin on your body, and many are moisturizers as well as a foundation which leaves your face feeling as smooth as a babies butt. Who wouldn't want that? Other good products include:
  • Fine lines and wrinkles. Products that include antioxidants may reduce the harmful effects of free radicals, while those with peptides may stimulate the production of collagen.
  • Loose skin. Growth factors may help new cell and blood vessel growth, thereby improving the skin's elasticity.
  • Red or inflamed skin. Specific botanicals can reduce inflammation caused by rosacea or sun damage; some, such as lycopene, also have antioxidant benefits.
  • Dull, dry skin. Brighten and smooth your appearance with hydroxy acids, which draw moisture into the skin.
Overall, everyone has their own opinions on whether or not women should be wearing cosmetics. It's up to the wearer to decide on what makes them the happiest.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Gender Expectations

All around the world, men and women have certain expectations of what they should and shouldn't do. The difference is shocking how women have more to change about themselves in order to fit societies standards. In the article from The Atlantic, African and Middle Eastern groups have their young girls circumcised, which in American culture is unheard of. It's a tradition that they are more than happy to do in order to become a woman in their tribe. Usually, the circumcision happens before marriage, making the girl considered clean before starting her life with a man.

How would the average American take this information? We make sure our culture of women is full of makeup and hairspray but what if beauty was cutting off a part of your body? What if in order to be a part of society, all girls had to cut off an ear? We laugh at this now, but in societies unthinkable actions are the norm. I believe that these expectations are bogus and women should be free to be themselves. We go through so much pain to fit to the perfect image of who we should be. The cultures where girls are circumcised expect them to not flinch when the procedure happens. How can someone not flinch when they are being cut with a dull knife? All I can think is that these women are strong.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


5 Reasons Why Makeup Ruins Your Life

Are you tired of getting up two hours earlier in the morning for your normal makeup routine? Would you like to press snooze a few more times before rolling out of your warm, cozy bed? The solution is simple for a restful morning. All you have to do is one thing:
Stop wearing makeup!

Here are some reasons why

  1. It Clogs Your Pores

When you wash your face in the morning, you're basically telling your face, “Like this clean, refreshing feel? Well that sucks for you!”. Foundation makes you look one color and covers blemishes, but have you ever wondered why you get those pesky spots? The creamy facial spread that you bath your skin in blocks your pores from breathing and healing correctly. Yes, what you’re doing to cover acne gives you even more annoying little things.


2. You’re More Attractive Without It

11428806_738145402974461_289426630_n.jpgFact is that your partner is drawn to the more natural appearance. Forget the internet saying that you look ugly without makeup. Remove the thoughts of men and women only liking the dolled up look of the caked foundation. Beauty is within and within means under that shell of concealer, highlights and eye shadow. Natural is the new thing is this day and age so stop drowning yourself, stop spending hundreds on expensive products and stop believing this:

3. No More Phone Screen Madness

Don’t you just hate it when you get finished talking to your babe and the first thing you notice is a fresh layer of snow on your phone? You’re supposed to be thinking about your love, not your wasted foundation. Sometimes you have a square makeup-less spot on your face and you just can’t do anything about it. Trying to wipe off your screen only ends is horrendous smears and blending more cosmetic on your face may not look like it did when it was freshly applied. Want to solve this problem? Don’t use makeup!

Image result for phonedation meme

4. OCD About Eyeliner? No More!

Image result for makeup memesWhen you finish your first eye and it’s perfection with winged liner of a goddess, but the dreaded second eye is next. What do you use? Tape, pencils, outlines? Don’t worry about it anymore because you’re better off without it! Facts show that trying to duplicate your makeup causes stress which can lead to hair loss and acne. Why would you want that? It’s basically asking to spend even more money on a bucket of cosmetics to cover up what they already did. The cycle continues...

Image result for oh god why meme
5. Chemicals, Chemicals Everywhere!

If you ever read the back of a makeup container, you will find a huge list of long named ingredients that sound like rocket science. Or maybe no list at all.. This is something you should take caution of because if the ingredients list isn’t there, do you really think the company is proud of what they mixed together? Nope. The product is probably loaded with chemicals that you don’t want to be putting on your precious face. You could get burns, rashes, and even more acne. Stop it! Throw this stuff away because unless you want to be an alien in a Hollywood movie, you should not be rubbing this all over your skin.

Be real. Stop Using. Don´t do this:

Image result for anti makeup memes

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


How to Create a Legit AD

If you ever go into the creations of advertisements, this info-graphic is a great example of what to do and not to do. When using fonts, you obviously should not write with the pen tool ever (as shown in the picture below). If you do happen to write horribly, it should only be used in an ad for babies. Another appealing attribute of a wonderful advertisement is the use of correct colors. A bright, eye popping contrast is most likely the wrong choice for text and highlight combined for an advertisement. Borders help the look especially if the images and texts are clear. It takes a certain eye to make sure an ad is professional, and all someone needs is practice to achieve the clean effect.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Product Review of Photoshop

Welcome to the 21st century where we are capable of capturing a person with a camera and changing them on a computer screen. We have evolved way further than coloring over prints and using only paint and five hours to make a picture of someone. Nowadays, it takes half of a second to take an image of anything or anyone and it is the simplest process to remove it from a device to a piece of paper.

What I'm talking about is the act of altering a photographic image digitally using an image-editing software. Many advertisers use Adobe Photoshop to slim, shape and smooth their models to look more appealing to the naked eye and to all the consumers of that advertised product.

In my opinion, Photoshop is a magical program that can benefit many photographs in enhancements and beautiful colors if used correctly. I have used it many times and enjoyed every second of experimenting with the effects and new tricks around the corner. It's not just your simple android or apple photo design application, it's a proffesional tool that is used to create a masterpiece in one moment.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

*The Effects of Photoshop in Advertisements

The younger generations today are so worried about how they're dressed and how their makeup or hair looks. Nowadays 42% of girls in grades 1-3 want to be skinny, 51% of  9-10 year old girls feel better about their bodies when they starve themselves, 53% of 13 year old girls despise their look and by the time they are all at the age of 17, 78% of  them will be different.

Why is this?

All over the United States and even places around the globe, advertisements create an image of women (and some men) that is false and leads to a majority of the female or male population to feel as if they need to change their appearance to fit the "standards" of our society today. Most younger women change their eating habits to the point where either there is no food consumption at all or very little. Some eat but get rid of it right after it goes down so they can taste it, but not benefit (or in their minds avoid the disadvantage) from the meal. Here's why:

In this video from Dove, the woman starts with no makeup and nothing done to her hair. Over the course of the filming, she is transformed into something she is not with the help of the cosmetologists who change her appearance to fit the advertising standards. Even after the makeup is applied, Photoshop is used to slim her facial structure and enlarge her eyes, making a more appealing image out of someone who was already beautiful. This points out an interesting attribute about the pictures one sees all around them. Imagine a billboard on the side of the road that portrays a woman who is slim, tan and perfect. Every girl who notices this starts to feel less confident about their own personal looks and try to change to fit the standards set by a fake model. Men see this and expect every woman to look that way, which makes it even more difficult for girls to be confident in their own skin.

What if we could change this? Laws would be set, ads would show real people and little girls would want to be a woman with curves and no makeup rather than become a malnourished model with flawless skin. The Barbie corporation already made a new doll that looks like a normal human being, helping young girls realize that they can be beautiful no matter their shape, size, color or any other attribute. If they grow up thinking they have to starve to be pretty, confidence will drop and that will affect the population as a whole in jobs and being in public. A real model is a better model, without the use of over-dramatic makeup and the slimming effect of Photoshop. Who said skinny was the only type of pretty anyway?

Help the little girls of the world by assisting the removal of Photoshop because everyone is beautiful in their own natural way. Young women and men both need to realize that just because a picture is in front of them at the mall, in a magazine or on television- it's not reality. That image that portrays "perfection" is not perfect. The picture itself was changed to match standards of the beauty industry, but that standard should be real women. Don't believe your eyes when the so-called perfect is in front of you. That perfect doesn't exist because the true perfection is naturally in you.