Wednesday, March 1, 2017

*The Effects of Photoshop in Advertisements

The younger generations today are so worried about how they're dressed and how their makeup or hair looks. Nowadays 42% of girls in grades 1-3 want to be skinny, 51% of  9-10 year old girls feel better about their bodies when they starve themselves, 53% of 13 year old girls despise their look and by the time they are all at the age of 17, 78% of  them will be different.

Why is this?

All over the United States and even places around the globe, advertisements create an image of women (and some men) that is false and leads to a majority of the female or male population to feel as if they need to change their appearance to fit the "standards" of our society today. Most younger women change their eating habits to the point where either there is no food consumption at all or very little. Some eat but get rid of it right after it goes down so they can taste it, but not benefit (or in their minds avoid the disadvantage) from the meal. Here's why:

In this video from Dove, the woman starts with no makeup and nothing done to her hair. Over the course of the filming, she is transformed into something she is not with the help of the cosmetologists who change her appearance to fit the advertising standards. Even after the makeup is applied, Photoshop is used to slim her facial structure and enlarge her eyes, making a more appealing image out of someone who was already beautiful. This points out an interesting attribute about the pictures one sees all around them. Imagine a billboard on the side of the road that portrays a woman who is slim, tan and perfect. Every girl who notices this starts to feel less confident about their own personal looks and try to change to fit the standards set by a fake model. Men see this and expect every woman to look that way, which makes it even more difficult for girls to be confident in their own skin.

What if we could change this? Laws would be set, ads would show real people and little girls would want to be a woman with curves and no makeup rather than become a malnourished model with flawless skin. The Barbie corporation already made a new doll that looks like a normal human being, helping young girls realize that they can be beautiful no matter their shape, size, color or any other attribute. If they grow up thinking they have to starve to be pretty, confidence will drop and that will affect the population as a whole in jobs and being in public. A real model is a better model, without the use of over-dramatic makeup and the slimming effect of Photoshop. Who said skinny was the only type of pretty anyway?

Help the little girls of the world by assisting the removal of Photoshop because everyone is beautiful in their own natural way. Young women and men both need to realize that just because a picture is in front of them at the mall, in a magazine or on television- it's not reality. That image that portrays "perfection" is not perfect. The picture itself was changed to match standards of the beauty industry, but that standard should be real women. Don't believe your eyes when the so-called perfect is in front of you. That perfect doesn't exist because the true perfection is naturally in you.


  1. This blog is all to true. I feel that you hit it spot on with how when young girls see models on billboards and or on TV they think wow that girl is perfect. But most of them don't realize that that is not what the person really looks like. Like you said that is the photo shopped person. I think that this is a really informing blog post. I liked how you not only gave us exact percents, but that you also added things that you probably already new about most young teenage girls. I look forward to reading more on your blog!

  2. As a society we have all been given an image of a "perfect girl" i do think we should get this around because it ruins all these girls life. i like how you added a video to show us all what you were talking about so we were able to visually see what you talked about and we were seeing exactly what you were talking about. It would go well if next you were to talk about how to change the perspective of all these girls to love the reflection they see in the mirror.

  3. I love this blog post, it is very real and very true. I'm glad you chose this topic to talk about and express your feelings through text. I hate the image that society has given to people. I also over your layout and the color scheme, it is ironic but very fitting to use black and grey as the color ground for ideas such as Photoshop.