Monday, May 8, 2017

Gender Expectations

All around the world, men and women have certain expectations of what they should and shouldn't do. The difference is shocking how women have more to change about themselves in order to fit societies standards. In the article from The Atlantic, African and Middle Eastern groups have their young girls circumcised, which in American culture is unheard of. It's a tradition that they are more than happy to do in order to become a woman in their tribe. Usually, the circumcision happens before marriage, making the girl considered clean before starting her life with a man.

How would the average American take this information? We make sure our culture of women is full of makeup and hairspray but what if beauty was cutting off a part of your body? What if in order to be a part of society, all girls had to cut off an ear? We laugh at this now, but in societies unthinkable actions are the norm. I believe that these expectations are bogus and women should be free to be themselves. We go through so much pain to fit to the perfect image of who we should be. The cultures where girls are circumcised expect them to not flinch when the procedure happens. How can someone not flinch when they are being cut with a dull knife? All I can think is that these women are strong.